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Gillianisms Challenge to Whet the Appetite

The What?  Oh, no!  Gillian would never use a tired idiom… or worse, a cliché.  Something fresh – perhaps to goad the senses or better yet to sprinkle a little fairy dust on a moaner’s mood.

Fill in the blank

“No point in dipping ________ into lemon curd.”

“Angus would knit ________ in his grave if he saw me like this.”

“Everyone else can go roll in ________  ________!”

Answers at bottom of page


A tour of the British Isles in accents

Isle of Man 1940 – “Very Good Sir!”

Avicii Vs Lurgan – “Wake Me Up” as Gaeilge

Note:  Sung in Irish Gaelic and my daily dose of inspiration 

Did you know?

Image Source

Isle of Man

  • An internally self-governing dependent territory of the Crown which is not part of the United Kingdom
  • Head of State: Her Majesty the Queen
  • Population: 84,497 (2011 Census)
  • The centre of the Irish Sea – 50 km (31 miles) from Ireland and 50 km (31 miles) from the U.K.
  • Currency: Manx pounds and pence (equivalent to GB pounds)
  • Flag – The Three Legs of Man: The three legs symbol seems to have been adopted in the Thirteenth Century as the armorial bearings of the native kings of the Isle of Man, whose dominion also included the Hebrides – the Western Isles of Scotland. It was originally a symbol of the Sun, the seat of Power and Life.
  • Manx cats originate on this island.  They are best known as being entirely tailless; this is the most distinguishing characteristic of the breed, along with elongated hind legs and a rounded head.
  • Manx Loaghtan is a breed of sheep native to the island. It is characterised by a dark brown wool and usually having four or occasionally six horns.

Facts Source 1

Facts Source 2

Facts Source 3

Image Source

Tobermory, Canada

  • A small community located at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula in the province of Ontario.
  • Flag of Ontario above since 1965.  Before this date, the Canadian Red Ensign served as the national flag of Canada.  The maple leaf took its place as our national flag thereafter.
  • Tobermory is known as the Caribbean of the north and the fresh water scuba diving capital of the world. 
  • People come for the beaches, the diving, the unspoiled countryside and the relaxed pace of life.
  • It has twin harbours, known locally as “Big Tub” and “Little Tub”. Big Tub Harbour is Canada’s largest natural freshwater harbour.
  • Home to more than twenty historic shipwrecks.
  • Tobermory was once an isolated place, reachable only by water or two rough and twisting roads that came up either side of the rugged Bruce Peninsula.  In April 1912, the wireless station that replaced the old telegraph line connecting Tobermory to the outside world picked up the far distant distress calls of a sinking ship. It was the Titanic. 

Facts Source 4

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Facts Source 6

The History of Afternoon Tea

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Did you know that afternoon tea in England began in the boudoir?

Learn More Here

Learn More Here

Answers to Gillianisms Above

“No point in dipping death into lemon curd.”

“Angus would knit monkeys in his grave if he saw me like this.”

“Everyone else can go roll in stinging nettle!”

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